Struggling to keep cool in the heatwave? We get it.  For most of the year in the UK one thing we don’t need to think about is how the heat might impact our make-up, that luxury is generally saved for on holiday where we’re by a pool, complete with sea breeze and minimal clothing. But for a couple of precious months every year, the weather hots up, the sun shines and the humidity rises as we try to tackle summer in the city.

Spots creeping across your back and shoulders in this sweaty weather? This AHA/BHA body wash is the easiest way to keep blemishes at bay; the formula unclogs oil and grease from pores for smoother, clearer skin. Want a more targetted approach? Try this spray formula. The quick-drying formula and 360° spray access allows for easy application without needing to wait before dressing. This one is perfect for teenage skin too.

Out in the garden and need to keep cool? In the office and need a refreshing boost? Eyes tingling from hayfever? A face mist is the answer. There are simple water formulas or botanical options to choose from, but they all have on thing in common — they’re a cooling summer saviour. Curel and Caudalie are our faves.

In a sweaty SOS? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This anti-chafe, anti-friction stick will change lives; swiped directly onto thighs it creates a barrier that sits on top of skin, allowing thighs that rub to glide smoothly against each other. And say bye bye boob sweat, this Top to Toe powder absorbs moisture in an instant, so you can get back to enjoying your hot gal summer uninterrupted. 

If there’s one thing that has to make it on your heatwave beauty essentials list, it’s a setting spray. Makeup is prone to becoming greasier and wearing off faster during hot weather, so you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure it stays in place. Plus, they double up as a refreshing face mist so you can keep cool. This one from MAC feels somewhere between a mist and a spray. 

On hotter days, opt for a waterproof mascara to help prevent fallout as much as possible. We’re partial to this one, which doesn’t budge no matter how high the temps turn. Also pretty good at withstanding a hayfever eye rub. IYKYK.


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