We love a statistic. Not the opening sentence you would normally fine on an post about fashion! But over here on TIM we like checking our stats regularly so we can see what you ladies are clicking on and interested in. And this week in particular, it helped us to confirm that we are all, in fact, monochrome crazy. Don’t get us wrong, we like colour too, and a dopamine hit is important but black and white is a great foundation & combination for building a wardrobe that works cohesively without having to overthink it.

So without further ado, these are the top 9 items that our TIM audience has snapped up on IG this week. And if you already happen to have these items or similar in your wardrobe then there are some ideas on how they could be styled below.

1.Cream button cardi // 2. Black cheesecloth shorts // 3. Striped cropped wide leg trousers // 4. Black white ribbed midi dress // 5. Zebra lace silk dress // 6. Black thong sandals // 7. Striped trousers/ waistcoat/shorts // 8. White linen shirt // 9. Black plisse trouser


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