All of the usual places where we might get style inspo from are totally closed off for the foreseeable so it’s been really interesting looking at our wardrobes and how to make them work without the ability to order anything new by next-day delivery. Like you, we are obsessed with an Insta scroll and get loads of our inspo from other people that we follow.

We thought we’d ask a bunch of our favourite inspiring ladies to share their favourite lockdown outfits. They are all from different walks of life, but have one thing in common: they share outfit pics on Instagram.

So in no particular order, here goes:

EMMA ROSE THATCHER [@emmarosestyle]

“After spending 99% of my time in loungewear during lockdown it was nice to dress up in this dress from Free People to celebrate my birthday last week. A reminder that better times are coming (hopefully in Ibiza…) Free People has been my go-to lock-down brand. Flowy dresses to float around your house in, Vintage tees to team with denim cut-off’s on warmer days & the nicest, comfiest loungewear sets.”

My three lock-down essentials:

  1. My kids: Having 3 teenagers I have it a lot easier when it comes to WFH or home schooling than a lot of my friends with young children. I’m looking at the positive to come out of this unprecedented time and that’s getting precious time with my kids before they enter adulthood. Playing cards after dinner with a glass of Rosé has become part of our new routine. (so basically Whispering Angel is my number 1 essential!)
  2. My dog- Our early morning sunrise walks or evening sunset strolls on lazier days have become an important and enjoyable part of my lockdown routine. My Anine Bing Ryder jacket has kept me cosy and Celine sunnies hide my tired eyes (from my 5am anxiety wake up call)
  3. My work- I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home and creating content has kept me sane the last few weeks. I usually work most of the day slipping off into the garden late afternoon for some Vitamin D. I’ve just bought this folding mattress from Amazon which I love and I’m reading Where The Crawdads Sing.

CANDICE BRAITHWAITE [@candicebraithwaite]

My favourite lockdown look has to be this red gingham dress by the Daily Sleeper. They market themselves as bed/loungewear but I think this is far too pretty to be hidden under a duvet. It’s uncomplicated and cute which is what I need right now. It helps me feel put together with very little effort. 

My 3 lock-down essentials:

  1. Books! Both in audio and tangible form. I hate the rhetoric of using this time to do all the things you haven’t been able to but I have tried my hardest to read as much as possible. I recently finished Such A Fun Age and I’m now reading Girl, Woman, Other.
  2. Candles. An absolute luxury I admit but I recently purchased Byredo’s ‘Bibliotheque’candle and I am obsessed. One lit in the living room makes the entire house smell divine and it’s very calming. 
  3. My bike. I love cycling. Most of my allotted one hour of exercise is used up by me going on a solo bike ride. It’s the only form of me time I have at the moment. 

Candice’s debut book ‘I Am Not Your Baby Mother’ is available to pre order from Amazon now and is released on May 28th. 

KATHERINE ORMEROD [@katherine_ormerod]

“This two piece is by Karen Millen and is perfect for lockdown – while everyone wants to be comfy – it also has a collar and feels just that bit more polished than a trackie. Will be great as two separate looks as well.”

My three lock-down essentials:

  1. My three lock-down essentials:My quarantini kit: I had apparently been subconsciously stockpiling booze for about a decade, who knew how much it would come in handy. Yes I’m drinking a cocktail every night, sue me. 
  2. Knitting needles. Yes I know it sounds retro, but through my last pregnancy I picked up knitting to calm my mind and stop me googling things all evening long (you can’t knit and scroll). This time I’m making a patchwork quilt in various shades of grey and imagining it being passed down the generations – ‘nana made that blanket during the great lockdown,’ type thing.
  3. Glossier Skywash eye shadow. It’s a great lockdown beauty hack – subtle and easy enough to use that it’s realistic, but also makes me feel fresh whenever I accidentally catch sight of myself in the mirror.

JESSICA DINER [@jessicadiner]

“I basically have been wafting around the house in tenty dresses. They don’t feel too far removed from what I would wear day to day, so they are smart enough if I need to dial into a Zoom call, but also are comfy enough to chase my oldest son Noah around the garden in. Easy access for breastfeeding my baby is a day dress essential feature too.”

My three lock-down essentials:

  1. Caribu – the interactive two-way app that lets someone read books to your children. It’s been an absolute lifesaver if I need to do a call for work and it’s been a lovely way for the grandparents to do an activity with my oldest. 
  2. Amazon – if ever Amazon was an everyday life essential before, it’s become paramount to existence now. My admiration for the Amazon delivery man has taken on a new dimension. 
  3. Wine – no explanation needed.

ANNA BREM-WILSON [@annabremwilson]

“I love stealing my husbands clothes & have been living in his linen shirt! I love the oversized look with shorts & obviously the biggest shades possible!”

My lock-down essentials:

  1. Coffee
  2. Wine time
  3. Zoom calls with my girls.

DEBBIE LE [@thefashionablepan]

“It seems like Tie Dye is the Lockdown trend and I for one love it! I’ve been living in this Stripe and Stare tie dye joggers set. Not only is the brand sustainable but their pieces are incredibly soft and comfortable. I’m obsessed with their knickers and I’ve worn this set to lounge around in, to work out in and I even left it on for bed one evening! I’ve even worn it 3/4 days in a row! For me it’s the perfect Lockdown outfit.”

My three lock-down essentials:

  1. Exercise –  I try and do a yoga class each morning and incorporate another exercise in the week such as boxing along with our daily walks. 
  2. Make up and get dressed. It’s so easy to stay in your PJs all day but I feel it’s so important to get dressed so you feel like you’re ready to mentally start the day! 
  3. Communicate – whatever means it takes so House Party, Zoom, FaceTiming or Whatsapp. It’s good for the soul. 

LILY PEBBLES [@lilypebbles]

“I’m all about comfort at the moment, even more so than usual so I have been living in loungewear. My favourite is the type of loungewear you could go out in, so you still look like you’ve got out of your PJs but it still feels like you’re in them, like this set from Me+Em. The cut of the joggers are so flattering, and I love the washed look of the cotton that almost gives it a denim look.”

My three lock-down essentials:

  1. My phone (anyone else’s daily watch time sky high at the moment?!). Chatting on Facetime, watching Instagram Lives, Tik Tok… it’s keeping my mind distracted. 
  2. Bubble machine. If all else fails, the bubble machine is always a winner. 
  3. Avene rich hydrating cream moisturiser. This super hydrating moisturiser has kept my lockdown skin hydrated at all times. 

HANNAH GALE [@hannahfgale]

‘My fave lockdown buy is this floaty printed dress from H&M. Comfy enough that I can play trains on the floor with my toddler, but also jazzy enough that I feel like the best version of myself.’

My three lockdown essentials:

  1. Showering and doing my skincare routine every-single day. I might not be washing my hair as often and my make-up bag might be semi-neglected, but at least I feel fresh and clean and like I’m ready to tackle the day! Even if I end up spending most of it on the sofa…
  2. Having constant on-going Whatsapp chats with my mates. I feel like I’ve reconnected with friends from uni as we’ve finally got time to chat about all the wonderfully mundane details of our lives that make friendships so strong. Having pals to chat to all day every day definitely makes me feel less alone.
  3. Iced coffee is absolutely helping me deal with early toddler wake-ups and long days of childcare. It’s my mid-morning pick-me-up and helps break up that long slog before nap time!


“I’m loving wearing anything with dramatic shoulders like this white top with satin sleeves from Nastygal – I’ll either pair it with some comfy leggings which I can easily chase after the boys in, or some loose pants to hide the extra pounds from all that at home baking! 

My three lockdown essentials:

  1. Long hugs with my boys! I’m normally always on the go, so it’s been nice to slow down and just snuggle with them.
  2. WhatsApp group calls (with my cousins & gran or with our friends!) We haven’t yet managed a virtual games night with our friends (we normally have games night at ours on a Saturday evening!) but we’ve had lots of group calls and it’s nice to have a joke and laugh and forget about everything for a short while.
  3. Dressing up/ filming content – never been more grateful to have a job that I love so much and that I can do from home, it gives me a little down time away from the boys and I always feel like myself once I’ve got some lippy and a nice dress on! 


I like this look from Nasty Gal because it’s comfy and perfect for running around after the boys, having a zoom with the girls or being curled up on the couch. The bright, neutral colours make me feel put together.  (As long as the boys keep their dirty little hands away!)

My three lockdown essentials are:

  1. Chocolate 
  2. FaceTime 
  3. DIY beauty treatments 

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