With beauty products launching every week, it’s easy to get swept up in the new, new, new. In 2022, it was estimated that there were over 50,000 cosmetic brands in the world. But what makes a classic, well, a classic? Brits spend £6.4 billion per year on cosmetics, and while many turn out to be worth the hype, only a handful will ever earn cult status, like these…from £6.


Launched in 2001, Dermalogica’s Microfoliant is a super-fine powder that transforms into a soft exfoliant when mixed with a dash of water. Over 20 years later, one is still sold every 30 seconds globally. Soft and easy to tolerate – unlike many other exfoliants on the market – it’s made from rice powder, which is known to brighten skin. Additionally salicylic acid and papaya enzymes slough away dead skin cells, tempered with soothing oats, so no sensitivity is caused.  


The hero in Elemis’ range, this product put balm cleansers on everyone’s radar back in 2013. Its rich blend of nine essential oils is not only effective at dissolving every last trace makeup, dirt and pollution, but works to soften, tone, and restore elasticity in skin. The rich balm melts into a luxurious oil when gently massaged into the skin, before transforming into a hydrating milk on contact with water. When you stop using it, you notice a real difference, which is why everyone always goes back for more.

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A favourite of Grace Kelly’s, it’s been on the market for more than half a century, yet is just as popular.  And with good cause. The patented Tan Accelerator Complex intensifies the skins natural melanin production, so you can expect a richer tan that will still be there, golden and glowing, a month afterwards. A real beauty icon.



It’s no mean feat that 50 years after its first launch, La Mer’s formula still sells as incredibly well as ever before. A lot is said against luxe skincare products, but the proof really is in the pudding; whenever our skin looks dry or feels lacklustre, this pulls it back from the brink and bathes it in a healthy, fresh glow. It’s also one of the best formulas for soothing allergies, taking down inflammation and ridding any redness – Nick absolutely swears by it for soothing his inflamed, red and itchy skin when he’s suffering a break out. But it makes sense; the La Mer broth at the core of the formula was formulated by Dr. Max Huber to heal burns he suffered in a lab accident. The cell renewing formula heals, soothes and repairs. The tiniest bit is all that is needed, warmed between fingers the thick formula becomes looser and more spreadable on skin.

From £85


She’s iconic. I remember exactly when this face mask launched, because I was completely obsessed from the get go. In your mid 20’s not many skincare products really make a huge difference, let’s face it, because youth is on your side. But I vividly remember taking this home from the Stylist magazine office to trial before writing about it, and being so blown away by not only the radiance boosting results, but the complete change in texture of my skin from just one use, that I gave it an entire full page spread. Today, one tube is sold every three minutes globally. There’s no denying it’s an investment and a special treat, but if you have a birthday coming up, it’s a good one for the list. The pink-toned cream formula is hero’d for its ability to hydrate and add radiance at speed; instantly plumping and brightening skin, which is why it’s known as ‘youth in a tube’.



Launched over 40 years ago, still one of the most popular products in French pharmacies and obsessively recommended by dermatologists and beauty editors, Cicaplast’s iconic formula works hard for sensitive skin types, immediately helping to soothe irritated and dehydrated skin. Clinically proven ingredients completely overhaul skin – you’ll find it helps with everything from dehydration to speeding up scar repair and soothing conditions like eczema. It’s ideal for those who are post-procedure –  when I had a reaction to a laser treatment last year, Ciclaplast was the only thing that repaired and soothed my skin barrier – and has also been used to prevent nappy rash, itchiness from insect bites and heal minor wounds.

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Dehydrated skin? You need this. The formula of Clarins iconic oil has never changed, and the scent instantly takes me back to the years when I first started working in the beauty industry (circa 2004) Silky and lightweight, a few golden drops of the plant based formula warmed in the palms of your hand and pressed into skin boost radiance, plumpness and give a firmer and fresher appearance to sluggish skin. The oil is ideal for those suffering with dryness as it seals in hydration and prevents further moisture loss. As it is full of gentle ingredients, all skin types can use it – even those who suffer with breakouts.  



Well, this little tube has had quite the journey since it’s creation by Elizabeth Arden herself, almost 100 years ago. Back in the 1930’s, this silky, apricot coloured balm was created to soothe cuts, burns, windburn, dry skin and more. Allegedly, the product got its name from a friend of Arden’s, who applied it to her son’s scraped knee and noticed that after eight hours his skin was healed. It swiftly gained a reputation for possessing healing properties and was used by movie stars, models and Princesses. These days it’s often used more for aesthetic purposes – think glossing up the skin, brushing up brows and soothing lips – and more recently has been used by certain Royal’s to soothe, erm, more private parts. In 2022 one tube of Eight Hour Cream sold every 30 seconds, which translates to one every two minutes in the UK alone. We can only imagine after “that” revelation, it’s now even more!

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We all have Garnier to thank for the ability to be able to protect our skin from the sun. Back in 1935, Ambre Solaire launched the 1st sunscreen-enriched tanning oil. First tested on the French Rivieria, the product reached the rest of the country in 1936, the very year France initiated paid vacation for all. The pioneers are still leading the way almost a decade later with an extensive range of innovative sun protection products for the entire family that are a pleasure to use. We don’t go on holiday without.

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Launched in 1982, this was the world’s first skincare serum and now has over 25 worldwide patents attached to it, making it one of the most revolutionary serums out there.  Full of hard-working ingredients, including plenty of antioxidants to stimulate skin’s elasticity and protect it from the dulling effects of pollution and UV, the lightweight texture helps it get deep down into your skin’s dermis to fix any concerns. Hyaluronic acid is one of the top ingredients, soaking it in hydration for a smoother, healthier-looking complexion.  

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Not quite lipstick, not quite gloss, the texture of Clinique’s most famous make-up product is more like a tinted lip balm you can easily layer. Launched in 1971, over 50 years later, Black Honey is still famous for its chameleon-like ability to flatter all skin tones yet look different on everyone, the secret is its perfect blend of blue, red, and yellow pigments in a creamy, sheer base that melts into lips, playing up their natural colour. One shade suits all lips. No wonder 7 are sold every minute around the globe.

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You would be hard-pressed to find a make-up wearer who hasn’t heard of this foundation. For many of us, it was our first foray into the world of make-up. It’s was the OG, a reliable go-to and if you’re like me, you can still name the foundation shade you lived and died by (NC35 – the complete wrong colour for me, I’m actually NW22) The formula has been slightly updated since the 80’s, adding more shades to the already vast range – there’s at last count a whopping 71 – and now controls shine for oilier skin types and allows lustre for dryness. The main difference with this reformulation is that it has a soft-matte finish, rather than the original matte of the 80’s and 90’s – it’s also a slightly thinner consistency from what I can remember, making it more blendable and easier to apply. How do you improve on an icon? MAC just did.

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I vividly remember my grandma having these orange bottles lined up on her bath tub. The shape, the scent, the French wording on the front, all seemed like the epitime of chic as an 8 year old on a sleepover. Since their inception in 1964, Kerastase has led the way in hair health, Bain Satin 1 is designed for normal and slightly dry hair, Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 1 has a rich formula that uses wheat proteins and luscious iris extracts to thoroughly moisturise your hair and keep it feeling great!

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The pioneers in Argan infused hair oil, back in 2018 the founder stumbled upon the oil to help repair damaged and dry, brittle hair. Now an internationally recognised brand that’s sold in over 65 countries around the world, and named the #1 haircare oil in the US, the first and OG argan hair oil is still the brand best seller. Just two drops applied to clean, towel-dried hair, from mid-length to ends, infuses the shaft with vitamins and minerals. Blow-dry or let dry naturally.


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