Did you ever used to wear tights under your trousers as a kid? I’ve started doing it again recently and it’s a game changer! A cold snap is heading our way this week, but if you are dressed correctly then it can actually be quite enjoyable being out and about in the chilly weather.

Layers & Leggings

There are a few essentials that you can layer under (or over) your clothes and it will ensure you don’t dread walking out the door on a cold winters morning. You don’t need to splash the cash, our great British high street does thermals so well, especially Uniqlo Heat Tech range and Marks & Spencers HeatGen.

1.Marks & Spencer Heat Gen long sleeved top £16

This comes in 9 colours and is perfect for a base layer to any outfit. I have 2 black ones and wear them most days, either layered under a t shirt, or a fine jersey polo neck, or under a jumper. If the ‘Rose Quartz’ shade matches your skin tone you can wear it under a white shirt and it wouldn’t show through (remember, if you don’t want it to show it needs to match your skin tone, not the shade of the top you are wearing.)

2. Marks & Spencer Heat Gen leggings, £16

You can wear these alone with socks & an oversized sweatshirt, or pop them on under your favourite denim (it’s more comfortable than it sounds, unless its skinny jeans) and it’ll make the world of difference to your body temperature. It’s also warmer to wear these leggings with thermal socks under a dress, than it is to wear tights. They come in sizes UK 6 – UK 28. The MENS version of long johns are great for a man in your life to pop on under jeans or a suit, no one will ever know! I send my kids to school with THESE layered underneath in the colder months.

3. Uniqlo HeatTech fleece long sleeved top, £19.90

Similar to the M&S long sleeved top, but this one has a looser fit due to the dropped shoulders, plus a higher neckline. The Uniqlo top can be worn more as a top, rather than just as a base layer. It’s fleece lined (so cosy!) I love the ‘beige’ one (it’s a little darker in real life, like a sandy brown) worn with black loose jeans and a belt.

4. Uniqlo HeatTech ultra light turtle neck, £9.90

These are my winter hero tops. Mostly because they instantly make an outfit look ultra chic, but also because they are £9.90! I layer my white one under a beige round neck lambswool jumper (also Uniqlo, what can I say, I’m a fan! – worn in video above) or wear the black under leopard print dresses. And always, tuck them right into your tights or jeans – so cosy!

5. Marks & Spencers thermal socks, £10 for 2

There is nothing worse than not being able to feel your toes (ok slight exaggeration, there are plenty of things worse, but you know what I mean!) Don’t get me wrong, cashmere is very warm, but it can also be pricey. These socks will keep your toes toasty, even on the coldest day. Great to wear with boots, or slouch them down with trainers & leggings.

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