Life is hectic. Life is chaos. If you’re ever sat scrolling Instagram, thinking, ‘wow, they look like they have their sh*t together,’ then let us tell you now. We don’t. But there are a few things that we have come across over the years that help us take shortcuts in our days, and feel like we have things under control. Here they are…


Hands up if your New Years Resolution is always ‘drink more water.’ We know it will make our skin clear and glowy. We know it will give us more energy. We know that it will help us to think more clearly. But we always forget. Not since we became a Stanley Cup Fan Member. It keeps water ice cold for 48 hours or hot for 7 hours (although Gemma’s tea stayed hot for about 12 hours!) The fact that it fits in our car cup holders is genius, because if we leave it in the car after drop off, and come back to it after a day of work, our water/coffee/tea is still totally drinkable, thus enticing us to drink more. Game changer.


This little discovery has made our lives much easier when shooting on the go without a photographer, and we wanted to let you know about it, because it may come in handy to have for family shots on holiday. It’s a selfie stick & tripod in one, but has so many clever positions so you can use it to shoot flat lays, or capture cute family moments. It packs up into the white box which fits in a handbag so can be taken out and about. Also has a light attached & comes with a remote.


Did you know what you should really be washing your make up brushes every 7-10 days?! No, we don’t do it either, despite being so aware of how dirty brushes can affect our skin. But this helps. It’s an electric brush cleaner that washes and dries your brushes within 30 seconds. It removes oils, make up and dirt and is so satisfying to watch all the grime come off.


We sadly will never be those people with pristine cars. Ours are covered in snack wrappers (kids) and empty coffee cups (us) and sprinkled with a liberal dose of crumbs. It used to drive our husbands mad, until we invested in a car vacuum. Who knew such a such a thing existed, but this USB chargeable, mini hoover is designed to be kept in the boot of your car, and whipped out whenever you need. Tiny but powerful.


Fridja is a modern home appliance brand that’s been around since 2010, and were the brand behind the full height vertical steamers which were used widely within the fashion industry, on tv shows & for fashion weeks (Gemma had a cute pink one for years!) They’ve brought out powerful handheld which is easy to use, it heats up within 45 seconds and lasts for 14 minutes (which is plenty of time to steam a few tops.) I don’t own an iron, haven’t for years – it’s all about steaming!


We want to be healthy, but sometimes healthy is boring. We want to eat delicious salads, but they never quite turn out like they do in restaurants. Well, not anymore. Let us introduce you to this game changer. It chops any fruit or vegetable into the most precise little cubes in seconds, not a single bit of effort required. It makes salads easy, interesting and delicious. Click here to see a few of our favourite salad recipes, using this.

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