Todays blog post is dedicate to the men in our lives. Thanks to the blog, the babes and our day jobs, our husbands often get the tired, knackered versions of ourselves so we thought that we would treat them to a lovely day out in the run up to Fathers Day and to let them know how much we really do appreciate them. For one day only, we promised not to nag them, make them take endless photos of us (thanks to our photographer Max!) or empty the dishwasher. We even treated them to new Burberry trench coats for the occasion (ulterior motive: now they can stop moaning about how many coats we own.)

We matched the dads and kids Burberry trench coats because, well it was too cute not too [all the heart eye emojis]

We went for a lovely walk around Queens Park in the sunshine. A few games of football and hide and seek…

Before we headed off for brunch at

Bobs Cafe, which we seem to frequent way too often! Makes such a difference when a cafe is actually welcoming to kids and Bobs always is.

Our boys are SO fussy when it comes to clothes, trainers, watches, cars, holidays, pretty much anything. They have really high standards so we really struggle when it comes to treating them for Fathers Day. They’d rather have nothing than have unneccessary clutter. Which is why we knew that they would both love these super chic Mr Burberry grooming products….

The boys are so fussy when it comes to aftershave (ha, you couldn’t have guessed that could you) and Jonny has only ever worn Burberry aftershaves (his previous fave was Touch which he’s worn since the day Gemma met him 15 years ago) but the Mr Burberry aftershave smells like sexy, grown up, hot dad. A bit like how we imagine Christian Grey would smell. Please tell us that you get what we mean?! A bit woody, a bit spicy, basically a bit like the park after a thunderstorm (ok, we sound weird now)
The products look cool enough that they’d be happy to have them on display in the bathroom (a problem that they seem to have with most grooming products), are practical enough that they don’t count them as clutter (we’re talking Beard Oil, Hair and Beard Clay, Aftershave Balm and Face Scrub) and most importantly, they smell incredible. And prices start from £22. Not only that but Burberry offer a complimentary monogramming service when you buy the Mr Burberry fragrance (90ml version) in their Regent Street and Covent Garden boutiques, which makes it even more special.

If you haven’t got your Fathers Day gifts sorted yet, hopefully this gives you some inspiration. Hope you all have lovely weekends celebrating.
{This post is sponsored by Burberry but as always, we only feature items that make our lives easier/ make us, the babies or our husbands smell or look better!}

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