Whether you managed to wash your hair during nap time (always the aim but more important things crop up like, erm, Instagram) or your week is sponsored by a can of Batiste and several double-shot americano’s, by 3pm we’re all in the same boat.
Today we’re paying homage to the only hair style that can withstand the tugging of tiny hands and avoid smatterings of Organix carrot puff dust. All hail the Mum Bun.
The Mum Bun is universal code for: I’m a Mum Boss. I’m handling it.
BUT even Mum Bosses need a bit of help in the hair styling stakes, so we’re giving you the chance to WIN a pair of brand new, limited edition ghd Azores. Create super straight hair or add un-done waves in seconds with your jazzy new pair of hair straighteners.
Here’s what you have to do:
-Post a pic of you and your mum bun on Instagram or Facebook
-Tag us on Instagram @thisismothership and use #ThisIsMumBun and #ghdAzores