HI, it’s Gemma! Yep, I know beauty is Sam’s domain but I’m taking it over for one week (special treat, ha!) because since I’ve met Sam I have turned from a beauty novice (I owned 5 beauty products) into someone who owns a radiance boosting primer. Say what! Anyway, here are a few things that I have learnt/that have rubbed off on me and I thought that I’d share them with you…
Hands up if you want to look glowy. Who doesn’t! We’re both on an eternal quest to get the glow. Click here to discover the best glow-boosting moisturiser that we raved about in last weeks beauty post (it’s a goodie) and I’m totally converted to using this. But recently, when it comes to make-up, nothing has been quite doing it for me. To make our morning beauty routines faster, we rely on a simple yet effective skincare regime – we ALWAYS take our make-up off properly before we go to bed, there are NO excuses (I’ve actually done this for years, Sam can’t take the credit on this one!) If you think you have no time, this postshould change your mind, it only takes 60 seconds. But gone are the days of spending twenty minutes each morning on our make-up, forget a smoky eye, our face hasn’t seen more than a swirl of bronzer for months and applying a full face of foundation is something that we save for weekends when we have an extra pair of hands to help.
When it comes to make-up, I’ve learnt that a BB cream (something I didn’t know existed before I met Sam….) makes things so much more simple. When you’re feeling really tired, chances are it shows on your skin in the form of dryness, fine lines and dullness (yep, learnt this from Sam too and it makes total sense doesn’t it). Tempting as it is, if you put heavy foundation over the top of skin like this, it sits there looking lifeless and often worse than with nothing on. BB creams are a great alternative to foundations because they are so quick and easy to apply (I do it with my fingers which does just fine although Sam would prefer me to use a brush… I’m taking baby steps….), and they’re not heavy which means that you look dewy rather than caked in make-up. They’re perfect for playdates and trips to the park when you just want to look like a better version of you.
Nude by Nature’s Sheer Glow BB Cream is my current fave. I just discovered this brand and I’m pretty impressed so far mainly because it’s so fuss-free and easy to use. The formula feels super-light and rather than covering skin up, it illuminates and evens it out- great if you have red patches like me. It’s also super hydrating which is great for tired, dry skin – and means it won’t sit in any lines or wrinkles.

I’ve also discovered highlighter. This is one of those things that sounds super-faffy that only people who are really into beauty bother with but actually, it’s super easy to apply and makes me look about ten times more healthy than when I don’t wear it. I picked up this one when I was buying a pair of jeans in Topshop recently, it’s so easy to use. Just swipe it across the tops of your cheeks, along you temples and blend it with your finger. Honestly, it makes you look a whole less grey and tired in a couple of seconds.
I’m also going to ask for a facial for Mothers Day. It will hopefully help me get my glow back – and double up as a sneaky power nap. If you’re reading this Breegs, hint hint!!

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