OK, let’s not beat around the bush. This is a mama’s #1 beauty concern. Here is everything that you need to know to camouflage the hell out of those bad boys – depending on how much time you have. First up is how to cover your bags if you are lucky enough to have some time to yourself. Scroll further down and you’ll find the speedier version – whether you apply it on a moving train/with baby balanced on your knee [delete as appropriate] it’s got our seal of approval…
Caroline Barnes, celebrity make-up artist and mama to three boys (11, 9 and 4) shares her secrets to making concealer stay put all day:
Step 1:
Prep the eye area using your eye-cream. This hydrates the eye area so that the concealer won’t look flaky or cakey and helps it to last much longer. A light-weight, illuminating eye cream like This Works Light Time Open Eyes (£25), Origins Ginzing Eye Cream (£20) or Garnier Miracle Eye Cream (£12.99) which has a pearlescent finish which will help to brighten dark circles too.

Step 2:
Take an opaque concealer such as Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick (£15), Amazing Concealer (£19.50) or Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (£27.50) and using a small brush, paint over the darkest area under your eyes then blend.

Step 3:
Next, apply a highlighting concealer over the top. This might be starting to sound time consuming but I promise that this doesn’t add more than a moment onto your routine and is totally worth it. Just a dab here and a dab there makes all the difference when it comes to brightening under the eyes and making you look more awake than you feel. I like Clinique Airbrush Concealer (£19) and Max Factor Masterpiece Concealer (£8.99). Pat and push on top of the first concealer using the warmth of your finger to blend.

Step 4:
Yes, another step, don’t hate me! But this is the difference between your concealer lasting the day or being swallowed up by 3pm. Take a small brush and set with fine, translucent powder. Powder is the equivalent of hairspray for the face, if you want your style to stay put you’ll spritz a can of Elnett. Swirl on NYX Studio Finishing Powder (£8) using a clean fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Because we might not always have time for a four step cover-up routine, this is my quick #MumCheat way to banish the under-eye bags:
It”s 7:06am and you have four minutes to get yourself and/or the kids out the door, find your keys and get everyone into a coat. WHY IS THERE NO TIME IN THE MORNING? EVER?
On mornings like these, fling this into your bag and run…

Corrector and Concealer (top left), Foundation Stick (right) and Sheer Pressed Powder (bottom left)
Designed to be applied on-the-go, this palm-sized palette has everything you need; the award-worthy Corrector brightens and neutralises the dark circles as the Creamy Concealer covers those bastards while the Skin Foundation Stick creates the illusion of perfect skin and the Sheer Finish Pressed Powder makes sure that everything stays put all day.
The creamy textures of this 4-in-1 handbag essential are fine to apply with your fingers (quicker, obv!), in fact they all work best that way as the heat from your hands helps them to mesh together for a seamless finish. With this is mind – and the fact that you’ll most likely be applying this on public transport – I’m going to finish by flagging Resurrection Rinse Free Handwash, £7, Aesop. Possibly the chicest hand sanitizer ever.

If you’re on the 7.37am to Farringdon and spot these on a train table next to you, that probably means your sat next to me. Say hi!
That’s it. You should now be looking bright eyed and bushy tailed – even if you don’t feel it.
Watch more of Caroline’s make-up tips on Instagram @carolinebarnesmakeup

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