Oh, dry shampoo. You are the saviour to tired, rushed women everywhere. A new-mum essential that we continue to use well into the working-mum stage because, WHO HAS THE TIME?!
But here’s the thing: dry shampoo isn’t that straightforward to use. They don’t all blend in easily, leaving a little bit of a grey-ish hint to my hair that I was okay living with, because slight greyish tint vs. an extra 45 minutes of sleep? Not even a competition. But due to constant use, I’ve recently worked out a few dry shampoo #HairHacks that have changed my life, and will change yours…
1: Rub it in vigorously with your fingers. Gemma used to just spray into the roots and kind of leave it there until she watched me do this. Nothing else will really activate the product and rub it fully in – and it boosts volume too. It turns your dry shampoo into a dry blowdry, I promise (see video below for evidence) BUT always remember to wash and dry your hands thoroughly first because if they’re oily/grimy at all, all you are doing it putting that back into your hair. Gross.
2: Watch those brushes! When you do go to comb it through, remove all of the excess shedded hair from your brush — this will just put oil back in your hair. Shampoo your brushes every now and then (in the same way as we did here) when you can remember. Clean brushes = clean hair.
3: Sometimes you only need to spot-treat certain areas rather than blasting your whole head. I often only do tiny touch-ups at the back of my head or behind my ears where the hair needs a little more help. Also, choose your type depending on your hair issue that day: whether you’re blonde or brunette, need volume, frizz taming or added shine these days there’s one designed specifically for you.
4: Put some shine back in. This has for a long time remained the one Unsolvable Problem that dry shampoo didn’t fully solve: unwashed, powdered hair is going to look dull, dull, dull. Your colour can look flat and the ends can look dry. This is fine if the end game is to pull you hair up into a #MumBun but if you’re trying to look pulled together enough for business meetings, this2-in-1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner from Batiste will change your life.
5: Unshampooed hair shouldn’t always be unconditioned hair. Gemma’s newly bleached hair gets crazy oily roots but has dry, breakage-prone ends so she’s found that dry shampoo isn’t good enough, she needs to condition her hair too to stop it from frizzing the hell out. Thisdoes both!