Taking a shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. I mean, it’s pretty straightforward, right? Then you have kids. Whether you have a newborn that refuses to be put down or a toddler who just won’t stop banging on the door (or a husband asking when you’re coming out) the bathroom is no longer the relaxing space that it once was. However, you’re still in with a chance. With a few tweaks and clever product swaps, you can maximise the moments that you do get. Here are my bathroom secrets….

Before I was pregnant, I never paid any attention to the skin on my body. Didn’t have time. Then I discovered body oils for the bump (will do a post on these another time if anyone’s interested?) Now, I still don’t have time but my skin has become SO dry that I have to moisturise. THIS is a game-changer. Spritz, haphazardly rub in and that’s the job done. It’s not sticky so you can get dressed straight away.
Face masks are probably one of my favourite beauty products. An ‘instant‘ way to perk up skin, they deliver results seriously fast. Whack one on before you hop in the shower, turn your back and lather up your hair keeping your face out of the running water. As you wash your hair, the steam from the shower will help ingredients penetrate deeply. This new one, powered by three different kinds of skin-brightening vitamin C (which face it, is what we need) is a current fave; after 60 seconds my skin looks fresher, radiant and feels smooth.
A razor is a razor, right? Wrong. When it comes to speed you need get your head in the Top Gear game. Ok, so I don’t actually watch Top Gear but my husband watches it while I tap away on my laptop and from what I gather, when it comes to ‘fast’, you need sleek and streamlined. This razor has something called a ‘Flexiball’ on the neck which pivots as you glide it around those awkward areas that dip and curve (your knee/underarm/bikini line) so that you don’t cut yourself or miss bits when you’re in a hurry. Plus the built-in moisturising shaving foam strip means that your legs don’t feel itchy and dry afterwards.
I went back to work two months ago and this is the best thing that’s landed on my desk so far. I’ve already converted three others in the office, it’s that major. There’s been a few ‘in-shower’ tanners launch recently but the problem is that you have to hang around in the shower for three minutes getting cold. This one you apply 10 minutes before you shower. Here’s how I do it: once Leo’s in bed, I run downstairs, pop the dinner in the oven then run back up to apply it; it feels slightly gloopy, not like the usual airy mousses. I stand on the landing in my knickers checking Instagramor folding washing then I shower it off by which time, my dinner is ready. The formula continues to develop for four hours so you can go to bed without smelling of biscuits or staining the sheets and wake up with a healthy looking glow. Genius. Also great for those still breast-feeding who can’t wait the prerequisite eight hours until they can wash a regular fake tan off before latching their babe to their body.
PS: Long, hot showers are overrated. According to skincare experts they’re a primary cause of dry skin.

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