The other week we shared our hair regimes with you on here. We both have such different hair types but the one thing that we both have in common is that we need our hair products to give really impressive results, quickly. And last. We don’t want volume that falls flat midway through the day around here, thanks.

Gemma brought a new haircare discovery to This Is Mothership HQ (usually her couch, but on this day we relocated the office to her kitchen) the other day. And I’m not going lie, I was dubious when she saw the price – £3.99 each for hairspray, £4.99 for shampoo and conditioners and £6.99 for a shine spray, but we put them on trial anyway because, lets face it, if it promises us long-lasting results, we’re in…

SAM: It’s probably pretty obvious to everyone that I’m a complete hair snob. It comes with the day job. My shower is lined with expensive bottles of shampoo and I’m lucky that I could go for a blowdry every day (if I had the time) and call it research for work. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting much from these purple pumps when I washed my hair that night so I was pretty surprised that it gave AMAZING results. So amazing that I actually Insta-storied on my own Instagram.
I used the the Ultra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner,towel dried my hair and thenblowdried it in exactly the same way as I usually do (blast dry it quickly upside side and hope for some volume.) My hair looked shiny but didn’t feel slippy like it sometimes does when it’s just been washed, it dried smooth without any frizz but best of all, it had incredible volume. The kind of volume that I’ve only ever achieved at the hairdressers, never at home. I text Gemma straight away to tell her to to get in the shower and wash her hair….

GEMMA: When Sam text me to tell me how impressed she was with her new shampoo and conditioner, I didn’t really have an excuse to keep putting off my weekly hair wash. I was pretty intrigued to see if the Care and Rescue range would do anything for my newly bleached hair. Now, I’m not sure how many of you are have ever been through a #MumLifeHairCrisis and turned your almost naturally black hair bleached blonde in half a day like I did last month but it kind of leaves your hair feeling a bit dry and bleurgh,. Before I met Sam I didn’t think twice about the hair product I’m using. Now I get nervous while I’m in the shower as I need to her approve the regime and I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing – how many pumps do I use / how long do I leave it on for / do I use the same amount of shampoo as I do conditioner??? So I basically winged it and used 2 pumps of the shampoo and then applied the conditioner to the ends of my hair that were feeling really dry before rinsing it out. Since I bleached my hair I’ve been using fancy expensive products but now I’m genuinely not touching them and I will use this forever (well, until I get bored of bleached hair and change it back!) My hair felt the softest it’s felt since I had the colour changed, and for the first time in weeks it felt like my old (pre-mum life hair crisis) hair.

I also had a mess around with the pink hair chalk which was brilliant. I had toyed with the idea of dying my whole head pink but chickened out and settled on blonde, but with this chalk I now have the option of having the odd pink day. Just spray it on and then wash it off when you get bored. Oh and also, it’s £3.99 and on offer so if you buy one you get one free, so you might as well try it out!

[We worked with New Look on this post but all opinions are our own. We will only ever share things with you that help make our lives easier / help us get more sleep / help make our hair feel fabulous]

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