It’s officially winter and you’re a mum (y’know, in case you forgot) so your skin is inevitably glow-less, knackered, dull (sorry) and tan from the summer will have all but drained from your face. But here’s the thing, don’t reach for the bronzer just yet. I know, I know. But listen up because a good blush is your new best beauty asset this winter.
Nothing has a more instantly transformative effect than blush – it knocks off years, hides hangovers, and makes you look "done" when you’ve barely had time to take off your pyjamas. Whether it arrives in a cream, powder, or stick form, the perfect shade is the antidote to what we’re calling Sickly Resting Face syndrome. Cream blush is my favourite, in particular this one because it’s so bloody easy to use and makes me look far more peppy than I fell. When I’m feeling particularly pale, I like to use this one – I use it as an eyeshadow too for a really natural look.
When I interviewed Bobbi Brown last month (yes, the Bobbi Brown) she told me that the perfect way to apply blusher is to layer a paler shade underneath (there are a few suggested below) with a livelier shade on top to make cheeks "pop". And the perfect placement? Grin insincerely so cheeks fatten in the middle. This, the "apple", is where you stroke on your brighter colour then blend it upwards towards your temple.
There’s a whole load of products that mimic everything from a gentle flush to a cheekbone sculpting hint of contour. It’s the best way to battle dull skin this winter…

As a general rule of thumb, go for a light pink, rose or peach-toned shade if you have fair to medium skin. If you have a darker complexion, opt for tones of orange and deep berry to complement your skin. Start with a little and build up. It’s easier to add more than to take it away.

3.MAC Powder Blusher in Pink Swoon – Gemma swears by this to make her look alive! She’s worn it for the last seven years and it’s helped her fake her way through everything from hangovers to sleepless nights.
6.Chanel Powder Blush in Rose Glacier – the perfect winter blush shade. The compact comes with a mirror so looks super chic when you touch up on-the-go (even if you have smooshed avo down your top)

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