Remember those evenings BC (thats, Before Child) when you used to get ready for a big night out with your girls; music on, glasses of rose flowing, make-up spilling everywhere and swapping application tips. How much fun were they?? These days we’re more likely to be found desperately trying to scrawl on an eye-liner with a child eating a blusher brush balanced on one knee. So we thought we’d try and recreate those fun evenings for you with a little peek inside our own make-up bags.
Gemma is totally low-maintenance when it comes to make-up and has been using the same edit of products for the last ten years (her motto is: if it ain’t broken why fix it?!) whereas Sam is a total product junkie and, thanks to her job as a beauty editor, regularly rotates what’s in her make-up bag. If she’s been using something repeatedly for months you know it’s a keeper and if she’s been using something for years, STOCK UP NOW!
Click the vid below to see what’s in our make-up bags and then if there’s something you like the sounds of, click the links below for more info….