Hello! We would like to Introduce our latest baby, Sofa Sessions. Once a month we will be having a little chit chat (on a sofa, obvs) with a bunch of inspiring mums in the fashion, beauty, celebrity and business industry. The main reason we’ve launched this is because we are super nosey, but also, because it’s genuinely interesting to hear mums stories from all walks of life. We wanted to bring you something a little different that you (hopefully) will actually want to watch. The videos will never be longer than 10 minutes because we know that if you manage to get any time to yourself in a day you will prioritise eating, going to the loo, putting the washing on and then hopefully will have a spare 10 mins left to watch these πŸ™‚

First up, Ms Binky Felstead: mum, founder of The Mummy Tribe, one of the longest appearing Made in Chelsea stars, has her own clothing line, is one of the faces of Reebok, and as named by Grazia  ‘The girl we all want to be BFF’s with.’

Each Sofa Session episode will sit on this website, and on IG TV so you can catch up when you like.

Enjoy! All feedback welcome – please message us on Instagram and let us know what you think. 

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