I know we’ve been back and forth on this a lot over the past few weeks but I now feel confident enough to say: IT’S SPRING. Which has got us in the mood for some pretty frilly and floral tops. Meet ‘The Spring Blouse’. Whether you have toddlers, you’re pregnant, you’ve just had your baby or are back at work and back in your pre baby clothes but not quite feeling them, then the spring blouse is for you. Here’s why:

{This pic was taken in my kitchen when Sam had just discovered how many Dyson’s I own. The answer is three. Yes, I am a total clean freak.}
We hung out on the weekend and both turned up wearing new summery blouses. Mine is fromMiss Selfridge at Very and its such a lovely fine cotton so felt really light and airy even though it has sleeves.
THISdoesn’t look much in the image but is a really lovely simple blouse, with on trend tassle detail, and a total bargain for £39. I just added it to my shopping basket, oops.
Everyone gets a kick out of buying new clothes but my best piece of advice for someone who has just had a baby is not to spend big. Of course you want to buy some new clothes to make you feel better, but your body is still changing so for the next few months, spend little on key items.

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