OK, so I’ve loved being blonde for the last six months but JEEZ is it time consuming. I’m all for a bit of root-age going on but when it involves a trip to the salon every 3-4 weeks to keep them under control it’s a bit much for me. I’m the most low-commitment person ever when it comes to beauty, so a high-commitment hair regime was getting a bit much. It was exactly seven months to the day when I decided to have a completely colour reversal. I went blonde on the 3rd January and went back to Hershesons on 3rd July to go all the way back to my roots.
I have to say, I was scared that going from platinum blonde back to my original dark shade would mean I had to have orange for a while before I could go super dark (it’s happened to me before) and with my brother in laws wedding next week, I just couldn’t deal with looking at that in pictures for the rest of their married life. But my brilliant colourist Jenna Normanat Hershesons promised me that that wouldn’t be the case. So I headed off last week to Hershesons in Harvey Nichols to reverse my original colour journey (you can read about my platinum blonde colour changehere)
I’m all for drastic changes, I think life is too short to be bored (hello constant mum life crisis!) so doing something fun like this makes me feel a bit more alive, and a bit less ‘tired mum’. Because I was scared of ending up orange, I questioned Jenna the whole way through (sorry, Jenna!) about what she was doing at each and every stage. For anyone about to venture over to the dark side, take note: Jenna told me that when going back to brunette from bleached blonde, the focus is on putting the colour pigments back into the hair, as the bleach has taken them all out. You have to put a mix of orange and red pigments in, which is why if it’s not done properly, hair can go orangey red. Jenna balanced out the warms tones of the pigments with some cooler ones to make sure that didn’t happen to mine (I felt like I was listening to my chemistry teacher, this is such precise work) followed by two glossing treatments to seal it all in and stopping the colour from fading. All of thiswhile I tucked into chips and tea. THIS is why I love the hairdressers, its the ultimate ‘me’ time. If you ever need to escape, tell him you desperately need your roots doing! Anyway, not satisfied with a total colour transformation, we decided to add a fringe too.

{I’m back in Sam’s brunette gang}
What do you think??!
I like it. The only problem is I’ve had to buy some new clothes (I know, what a drag!) as weirdly my white-blonde hair acted like a blank canvas that matched everything in my wardrobe but now I feel like lots of my clothes clash with it. Funny isn’t it. When it comes to my make up, I’m pretty much still wearing the same, except for my beloved red Smashbox liquid lipstick which just doesn’t feel right anymore so I’ve switched it for the time being to Estee Lauder Pure Envy Matte Lipstick in Volatile, a slightly orangey/red shade. Now I just need to find a decent shampoo and conditioner, as the blonde range I was using before doesn’t cut it any longer.
All in all, I’m glad I went for it. Both times. And if you are ooh-ing and aah-ing over a ‘mum make-over’ of your own then I fully suggest you book in to hang out at the spa, ahem, hairdressers. Hershesons at Harvey Nichols is a good option as not only will you come out looking like a new you, you will also feel well rested from 3 hours of no one calling your name and asking you to find something irrelevant, like the TV remote. And erm, you may just pick up some new shoes on the way out.

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