We don’t want to hammer Covid19 into our kids too much, preferring to tell them what they need to know in order to understand why they’re not at school/ seeing friends and family or doing anything relatively ‘normal’ right now. But having said that, it’s hard to ignore the fact that they are living through history right now.

Sam was sent this downloadable Time Capsule by a friend and Leo has really enjoyed filling it in over this weekend. It was created by an Etsy brand called Long Creations for her own kids. There’s spaces to write down their feelings, they’re favourites, all about themselves right now, their highlights of the day and to add pictures, handprints of theirs and their family members. It’s a cute little document to look back on in years to come about what this time was like through a child’s eyes.

You can download the Time Capsule Worksheet by Long Creations on her Google Doc linked here.

[We can’t find Long Creations on Instagram to tag her and so everything in this blog post has linked back to her original downloadable worksheets and Etsy shop. If you know her Instagram handle please let us know so that we can tag in stories.]

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