We’re all about nailing the super-fast, super-tasty dinners. More often that not, we’re cooking whilst over-seeing homework / folding laundry / replying to email admin. Easy is everything. Here’s a simple, yet tasty pasta recipe I recently discovered via a friend who saw it on @natsnourishments . It’s vegetarian* yet still won carnivore Nick over who stated you’d pay £40 for a dish like this in a top Mayfair restaurant – praise indeed.

*You could even make it vegan, if you swapped the cream out for vegan cream.


pasta (shape wise, I used riccioli)

200ml (ish) double cream

peas (adjust amount depending on how many you like)

stock cube

1/2 an onion chopped

4 cloves of garlic

juice of a lemon

splash of pasta water


Boil your pasta.

Meanwhile, dice and saute your onion for five minutes. Add garlic and cook for another minute. Deglaze with cream, add stock cube, peas and splash of pasta water. Cut lemon in half and squeeze into sauce. Add pasta. Season with black pepper. Serve with parmesan.

Glass of wine, optional.

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