We often chat about the importance of splashing out on a few key pieces that will take you through each season, and also about how your accessories can make a boring outfit seem a bit more special. So today I am bringing you a selection of the best statement handbags out there. They are total outfit transformers. To make sure that you have a bag for every eventuality you need:
-A large black everyday handbag
-A large handbag/backpack in bold print or colour
-A small cross body back in a neutral colour (black/white/grey/nude)
-A small bag in a print/bold colour
-A clutch for dressier events like weddings
If you’re investing in a ‘forever’ bag then try to stick with real leather so it lasts you a lifetime. Don’t ever get rid of the receipt as most brands will repair/replace the bag if something goes wrong. I had a vintage Chanel bag with the guarantee and the strap broke. They replaced it with a brand new bag free of charge as at the time they had a policy that the bags come with a lifetime guarantee. This policy recently changed to 5 years which is still a fair amount of time. But remember, these don’t need to be luxury high end bags, there are some brilliant bags out there on the high street that don’t cost a fortune.
The best part about owning a great selection of handbags is that you don’t even need to think about your outfit (as I’m sure, like me, you are wearing jeans and a grubby T shirt today) but if the addition of a fabulous bag will help you look and feel put together…

Our new favourite bags at the moment are from Hill & Friends. I’m in love with THISgiant leopard bag. I’m generally quite muted with my wardrobe (black, white, grey, navy and the odd splash of pink) so this is perfect for sprucing up an outfit without it involving any effort. It fits my laptop and has an adjustable strap which are both key factors when looking for an everyday bag. It’s an investment piece that I will have forever and then pass on to Belle as leopard print in timeless.

Shop my selection of statement bags below to transform any outfits, number 6 is a total bargain!

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