I’m not sure if you’ve realised it yet but we have a slight obsession with Instagram. It’s taken us through those tough early days with a new born (or were we the only ones scrolling and scrolling into the wee hours?) and it gives us a moment of escape between the nappy changing/ bottle making/ food throwing routine. We’ve come across so many brands that are all offering something different to our usual stores- I mean how many times in one week can you visit H&M kids in a bid to get your baby to sleep in the buggy. It’s not about the mass market, it’s about finding something unique and home-made. I’ve put together a selection of my favourite pieces for baby girls from 3 brands that we are spotlighting this month- Sweet Manor, Eeny Meeny Kids and Mini Basic. We came across these brands whilst Insta-stalking and have fallen in love with these pieces – race you to the online check out. Hmm I wonder if those hats come in adult size???
Don’t worry, we will focus on the boys next month!

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