Flares are an interesting topic. Most people get scared off when you say the word ‘flares’ and I know you will be sceptical, but trust me – just try them. They are super flattering for most body shapes as they will give you curves if you don’t have them, and they will balance out your body and put your boobs, hips and mum bum in proportion if you do have curves.
Tips for wearing flares:
1. You need to wear chunky heels with them. As scary as this sounds, just be brave. There are some really comfortable boots out there. If you go for a platform it will make your legs look a mile longer and you will have better balance and therefore be able to last a long time in the heels.
2. Make sure the length is perfect. This means taking your shoes to your alterations guy to make sure the hem sits just under half a centimetre off the floor. Too short is a big no no!
3. A high rise pair of flares will elongate your legs – so if you have short legs then this is the style for you.
4. Tuck in your top and add a belt to pull the look together.
5. The flares should be fitted to your knee, then flare out gently. We are talking flares, not bell-bottoms so don’t let the flare be too wide, or come from too high up your leg.
6. If you opt for a cropped flare make sure it sits 2 or 3 inches above your ankle so it doesn’t look like your trousers are just too short for you #awks.

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