My handbags are my most prized-possession (after my family, my health, blah blah blah.) It didn’t ever cross my mind that once I had a baby I wouldn’t be able to use them. I leave the house everyday with my mum bag, which has a small zip compartment for my own things but can I tell you what the best feeling in the world is? Leaving home with a small bag. Totally hands free. It only ever happens once in a blue moon when I manage to get a babysitter but I get such joy out of it. Out of principle I only take keys and my phone, you know, just because I can. Because this excites me so much, I’ve put together a selection of the best investment small bags from The Outnet. They’re all about half their original price and will last you forever. My rule for splashing out on a small investment piece is to stick to a fairly neutral colour or leopard print, so you know that it will never go out of fashion. By sticking with a neutral colour you know it will work well with most of your wardrobe. Go on, treat yourself!!

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