Hello preggo mamas to be! This post is for you. It’s so tough to work out your wardrobe when you become pregnant. You don’t want to spend too much money on something you’ll only wear for a few months but you want to be comfortable and not look too frumpy living in leggings and baggy jumpers. More and more fashionable brands are releasing maternity ranges but there are still so many out there that just don’t get it! Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you want only want to wear stripy smock dresses or silly t-shirts with ‘bun in the oven’ slogans on them. And the ones who describe their maternity ranges as ‘nursing ranges’ just make me shudder. If you are going to invest in some new bits and bobs then this is the perfect time to do it. Get yourself a fancy new dress for the festive period and hopefully it will make you feel a bit more ‘Christmassy 🙂

Sam lived in leggings (similar HERE) and blazers throughout her pregnancy, whereas I hit the 7 months when a long heat wave started in London so lived in dresses like this (similar HERE in black.)

This is my shopping list of the necessities to purchase when you hit the 3 month mark. It’s a simple list but it will stop you feeling overwhelmed and to make you feel more comfortable.
A GOOD COAT: This doesn’t need to be maternity, go up a size in a normal range and get a chunky scarf to keep yourself warm when it won’t button up.

DENIM: Buy two or three pairs that are really comfortable as you will live in them. THESEare all really reasonable, will see you through pregnancy and they do a bunch of ‘on trend’ styles as well as the usual shapes.
BUMP COVERS: Like THESE.They look odd in the packet but mean you can keep wearing your fave non-maternity tops but as they rise upwards when your belly grows, the addition of these will make it look like you just have a vest on underneath, rather than than it look like you are in a belly bearing crop top. Plus pregnancy makes you hot enough as it is, so if you can avoid wearing two tops and overheating, bonus.
MATERNITY SPANX: It sounds ridiculous but they can be a life saver. It’s absolutely nothing to do with making yourself look slimmer when you are pregnant, it’s just about smoothing out the lumps and bumps. Make sure you get a maternity pair like THESEas they have enough room for an expanding stomach. They work best under dresses and skirts, no need for them under your jeans. I wore mine almost every day of pregnancy.
LEGGINGS: For when you feel like you are going to explode and only want to walk around naked. If your job demands a slightly dressier code or you have a party to go to, try THESE. Sam lived in these leather-look ones when she was pregnant (as above)
A LITTLE BLACK DRESS: You are bound to have a special occasion crop up over the 9 month period. See below. Number three and eightare my favourites.

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