It’s one of my favourite times of year (I think I prefer it to Christmas!) The time of year when the new season collections start to work their way into our favourite stores. I always shop for shoes first, and then work my outfits around them. This is the best time to shop for your new season wardrobe – leave it any later and you won’t get those key pieces that you’ve spotted in the magazines (and on This Is Mothership duh!) as they will sell out.
Flat shoes are a key piece in the ‘mum wardrobe.’ You need something that you can run around in, is simple and quick enough to put on while a small person is crawling all over you and a pair that will last you until at least next winter.
So whether you prefer chunky or delicate, a Chanel-esque pump or studded boots, flatforms or cleated soles, leopard print or polka dot then have a look at the new seasons best flat mama friendly shoes.

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