It turns out that our POSTlast week on how to wear an alternative colour to black went down a treat so I’ve decided to adapt on it and suggest something totally wild for your wardrobe: Pastels. Don’t freak out, it’s very logical and you’ll totally get into it once you get your head around it.
Depending on your skin tone, pastels can make you look more tanned (hello, I’m the palest person in the world and I look more sun-kissed than Casper The Ghost in THISwhite top) and I’m sure like Sam you’ll be petrified at the sight of white jeans (white jeans + avocado fingers = hell) but actually, they are really simple to keep clean as you can throw them in the wash with some bleach and they will come out sparkling (and you can’t do that with your grey/black avocado smushed jeans.) I persuaded Sam to wear THESEand she’s actually decided to keep them and even wore them last weekend.

Pastels might sound very summery but you can keep it really cosy with chunky knitwear, like how Sam is wearing HERE. I’ve gone for acropped trouser to show you an alternative to denim. They look great with boots, but also perfect in summer with some sandals (and we all love a multitasking item in our wardrobe!)
Check out my selection of the best pastels and whites out there at the moment, including all of the items we are wearing above. And as always, you don’t need to leave your couch to buy any of them so what are you waiting for?! Happy shopping!

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