I finally feel that we are safely into the naked ankles/toes territory. That time of year when you still wear the same outfit you’ve been wearing all winter except you start attempting to leave the house without socks and risk wearing sandals. I’ve realised something new this year though – it turns out that wearing sandals makes my day (and life) so MUCH easier. It didn’t ever cross my mind that it would be difficult to get my shoes on once I had a baby (and geez remember how hard it was to get shoes on while you were pregnant?!) but I struggle so much to get laces and straps done up whilst Belle is wriggling around on the floor, trying to eat my shoes and climb up my leg. I’ve recently splashed out on some slip on sandals as I will do anything that makes my day easier (and hey, any excuse to shop!) Here’s my edit of the best shoes that you can just slip on and run out the door. Sliders are the shoe for this Spring/Summer and have become so much more popular over the last couple of seasons thanks to Celine, Gucci and Chloe – so not only will we be saving you some time in your busy day, but you will also be the coolest mum in the park. Happy shopping!!

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