It’s that time of the year where we get the odd ‘in between’ weather. It’s time to pack away the giant oversized parkas that everyone at the park is wearing, and find something fresh and new that will make you feel good every time you put it on.
At This Is Mothership , we like to think of ASOSas a life saver. For £9.95 (that’s the cost of half a cinema ticket in London,- and like you ever have time to go the cinema anyway!) you can sign up to ASOS premier which entitles you to unlimited free next day delivery and returns for an entire year. Usual delivery is about £4 so by the time you’ve done 3 orders you’ve already covered your sign up fee. So the next time you are panicking about what to wear to the park/ playgroup/ parents evening (because let’s be real, us mums aren’t really going anywhere else these days are we?) then head over to ASOS.
I’ve put together a selection of jackets that are perfect for this thing we call ‘Spring.’ They will cover you up enough when you are chilly, yet will instantly make your outfit look cool when your clothes underneath are covered in avocado.
Just pick the one you like, click the link below and type (or copy and paste) the jacket description into the search bar on ASOS.

You can’t go wrong with a mac. It will last forever, will never go out of fashion and can instantly make you look super smart.
This trench is beautiful. Lovely fabric, a little more interesting than a normal trench coat and it covers your bum so it’s a win in our books.
This coat is a great print and a great length. You are keeping with the trends but also staying comfortable which is a great combination.
Wearing something super oversized to hide your post baby body will only make you look bigger. Go down a size if something seems too big, rather than hiding underneath it.
If you tend to wear simple outfits in neutral colours then you should go for a printed jacket. It makes the outfit seem more interesting and put together.
A combination between a shirt and a jacket and looks perfect with jeans and a simple T.
It’s always useful when you are doing your mum thing to have a hood. This jacket is the most useful of the bunch and navy makes a change from black.
If you fall into the ‘petite’ category (which is if you are 5"3 and under) you should try to shop in a ‘petite’ range as the lengths will be more flattering for your shape.
The waterfall collar will elongate your body, then length will cover your #MumBum and it can be worn day and night.

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