Oh the mum tum. Even if you actually manage to lose all that baby weight (congratulations!) you are still most likely left with some sexy saggy skin. It’s lucky that swimsuits have become super fashionable this season as they are perfect for covering up the bits you don’t want to show off around the pool. Try to stay away from a tankini – they aren’t the most flattering as where the top ends and the bottoms begin is usually your widest part (around the hips) and we don’t need any extra attention being drawn to there now do we? Bikinis are for the brave – go for a high waisted bottom if you don’t feel comfortable showing it all off.
As it’s coming up to holiday season we thought we’d share our best swimsuits that you can order from the comfort of your own couch.

1. The one that makes you look like you’ve lost 10lb with body control fabric & non wired bra cups Next // 2. The one with the flattering waist band –& Other Stories //3. The one with detail – & Other Stories //4. The one with a plunging neckline – & Other Stories //5. The one that will stop your boobs from escaping – Monki //6. The one with the really flattering vertical print which elongates your body –River Island //7. The one that you can wear 6 ways (and can cover your bingo wings) – Next //8. The one that makes you look like J L0 (don’t forget to add gold hoop earrings!) –River Island

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