As we get older, we begin to appreciate the finer things in life. Not in a spoilt brat way, more in an investment piece way. In the years BC (before children) we used to waste our hard earned wages on weekly shops at ASOS and monthly visits to Primark to buy multiples of something (grey t-shirts, usually) that would end up in the bin bag to take to the charity shop. But since Belle & Leo have come along we are so much more satisfied with buying one more luxurious item at the beginning of a season, knowing that it’s better quality and will last. And the cost per wear will work out the same as the Primark floral dress we only wore once. Win, win.

The thing with splashing out is that you should only ever do it on something that will last forever. Something that your kids can pass onto their kids. It needs to be well made, ideally out of real leather and come with a guarantee so that if anything happens to it you know it can be fixed properly. I was lucky enough to get THISfor my 30th and was so excited when the day came that Belle didn’t need so much ‘stuff’ so that I could finally transfer over from my nappy bag and revert back to my Givenchy. It now holds my purse, 2 nappies and some lipstick. Sam treated herself to THISjust after she found out she was pregnant. The reason, she told her husband was that it would double up as a baby bag (hahahaha!) but the real reason was that she knew she wouldn’t ever be able to treat herself to something ever again in her life after she had a baby!!
You will get most use out of it if it’s in black or a neutral colour as it will go with everything. Another point worth mentioning – a beautiful bag will always look fabulous no matter what size or shape you are 🙂 Here are the ones on our wishlist right now…

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