Do you wear the same clothes everyday? Do you have a standard ‘mum’ wardrobe? I found that after I gave birth and when my body went more back to how it used to be, I wasn’t interested in anything in my wardrobe. I did a car-boot sale last weekend to get rid of everything. Ok, not everything, but I now have space in my wardrobe rather than everything being rammed in, and I can see exactly what I have which is making me feel very cleansed. So feng shui.
Through this process I realised that there was a theme within my newly cleansed wardrobe. It now resembles the uniform of the staff on a yacht. Except if these staff were to wear a dash of leopard print with their nautical stripes tops and grey trousers. Leopard print has always been my favourite print (isn’t it everyone’s??)
If you are too scared to branch out from your usual ‘jeans and a t shirt’ combo then add a little bit of leopard. It will instantly make your outfit seem more interesting and will look like you have put thought into it – and let’s be real for a second, who has time to put thought into their wardrobe these days. I’ve put together a selection of my favourite leopard print flat shoes, so next time you grab those avocado stained jeans and your t shirt that used to be white then add a pair of these to make you feel more like a normal human being, and to make you look like you have time to read Vogue. Don’t forget that leopard print will never go out of fashion so this is more like an investment rather than a frivolous spend.

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