Are you bored of your mum wardorbe yet? Ughh aren’t we all! It’s really easy (and doesn’t involve spending too much cash) to mix things up and make subtle changes. I introduce to you: NAVY. It’s a colour that generally suits everyone (that, along with purple, are the only colours that tend to suit every skin tone/hair colour in case you didn’t know.) It will slot perfectly into your wardrobe – whether if it’s a navy trim like the one on my new favourite denim jacket (HERE) or a nautical take in a striped jumper like THISthat Sam now lives in, you won’t need to be buying anything else to wear with it as it will slot into your wardrobe perfectly.

Combine navy with black to look ultra chic, or add THISsimple T shirt from The Outnet (and only £21!) to some blue denim with a statement necklace and your trainers (it’s actually a pyjama top but don’t let that stop you, no one will know and the ribbed fabric is divine!) I’m a huge fan of this jumpsuit from Warehouseas the belted tie will cover any mum tum, pull you in at the waist, plus you can wear any (nude or black) bra under it so can be comfy. The button down Boohooshirt is a bargain and perfect for breastfeeding too, so no need to not stay on trend just because you have giant milk-filled boobs 🙂


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