I’ve been noticing something about my online shopping habits recently: I’ve been clicking on the ‘active-wear’ tab on websites and this is something I’ve never ever done before. It’s not because I’ve suddenly become a gym bunny, it’s because I now fall into the ‘mum on the run’ category where I think that because I’m a mum then it’s OK to dress up like RIta Ora’s collaboration with Adidas threw up on me. It’s most certainly nothing to do with visiting a gym (I don’t have time to pee in the day, never mind spend time running on a machine.) It’s part a fashion thing and part a convenience thing- nothing beats waking up at the crack of dawn and throwing on something super comfortable. I’ve put together a selection of pieces that are perfectly acceptable (and fairly on trend) to wear out and about. Don’t forget, these are all pieces that are great for mixing and matching with your current wardrobe – jeans and the Adidas sweatshirt, or the leopard leggings with a white t shirt and denim shirt will all look great and are really easy to throw on.
If you have a spare few minutes and need to LOL then check out the clip below #Allthegearandnoidea.