It’s that time of year again when all the cool kids head out to the Colorado desert in America to go to a music festival. It’s similar to Glastonbury but everyone dresses much cooler, there is way less rain and much more sunshine. As much as we enjoy scrolling through the images on Daily Mail, we’ve just admitted to ourselves that we don’t think we could actually survive it out there. What are the toilets like? The music is probably too loud. Is there air-con? Gosh we really are getting old!

We’ve put together a selection of ‘mum-suitable’ clothes that we would wear if we were brave enough to go to a music festival, but please note, all items are suitable for a trip to Tesco as realistically we are never going to Coachella now are we?? The shorts and trousers are perfect for covering up your mum tum, and the stripes in the trousers give the illusion of really long legs. Don’t forget to pair the black peasant blouse with skinny or slim fit jeans as wearing a loose fitting trouser with a loose top will make you appear larger than you are. At This Is Mothership we are huge fans of a backpack – anything that leaves our hands free for multitasking is a wardrobe neccessity!

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