Anyone else secretly excited for winter??? Summer has been fabulous but nothing beats wrapping up warm, drinking hot chocolate and watching X Factor (I’m SO excited it’s started – I used to moan about it but we all know we will watch it every week so we might as well invest from the beginning!!)
In the meantime, we’ve been #blessed with some pouring rain. Nothing is more grim than running to the tube, doing a nursery run or even walking the dog in the rain. Leaving the house when its pouring, especially in those early new born days, becomes really hard when it’s absolutely pis*ing it down outside. So we are here to save the day! Today I’m Introducing to you the most practical item you will ever buy – a rain mac. Yes, really. You don’t need to spend lots of money on it – but you may as well click below and buy one now because it WILL save you. Keep it in your car, leave it by the front door or shove it under the buggy in case of emergency.