Sales can be stressful – we look forward to finding some hidden gems, but only want to get what we really need, without getting carried away. And scrolling to find what we want can be very time consuming, and involves a great deal of will power to not get carried away. So I’ve done the scrolling for you, and sifted out the good stuff. The pieces that can be classed as wardrobe essentials, the pieces that are timeless and not just a trend that will fade. The pieces that are really worth spending you money on because you’ll wear them over and over. (Exception to the rule, the socks. No one ‘needs’ Rotate socks but they are cute and I thought worth including in case you wanted to up your sock game!!

1.Rotate Sweatshirt // Rotate joggers // 3. Arizona Love sandals // 4. Ray Ban sunglasses // 5. New Balance trainers // 6. Rotate socks // 7. Rotate t shirt // 8. Frame shorts // 9. Birkenstocks.

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