Hey mamas! Monday again, ughh. Why does the week go so slowly and the weekend go so quickly!!
Today on the blog I am bringing you some easy breezy tops that you can throw on with your mum jeans. Think of this as your Spring update. When you have time (LOL, time!!) take all your tops out your wardrobe and in Carrie Bradshaw style divide them into 3 piles: Keep, bin, charity. I’m sure you will discover some pieces in there that you really don’t need anymore, and others that you forgot you even owned but love. Ideally if you have time (LOL LOL LOL) you should fold or hang them all in colour order so you can see exactly what you have when you only have 10 seconds to get ready in the morning.
I’ve put a bunch on new season tops below, including the latest additions to our wardrobes. I’ve been experimenting with colour since I’ve gone blonde and loveTHIS T shirt from J Crew (‘Ahoy’ is sold out, I’ve got FOMO over ‘Salut’ – is it totally ridiculous to own both?!) And Sam convinced me that it was ok for her to add another grey jumper to her wardrobe as this one is on sale, is a lovely fine knit so very soft, and is fitted at the hips so a more flattering shape than her other baggy grey jumpers. Find hers HERE.

If you don’t get own a denim shirt then check THISone out. It’s a wardrobe staple. Alternatively, this top from Pull & Bear is great for breastfeeding and covering up your mum tum. This navy top from Mangois so chic and only £17.99. Click below to scroll through some other options that will jazz up your mum jeans.

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