It’s officially summer time which means it’s time to stop only doing "the bits on show" and it’s time to start shaving everywhere – legs, bikini lines, underarms, jeeez, it takes time in the shower that we just don’t have.

{Gemma bare-legged in Italy last week}
The worst thing that can happen on holiday is when you squeeze yourself into your new swimming costume, your down by the pool, and you notice stray hairs. Ugh. I mean, it’s a total first world problem but your poolside confidence is hanging by a thread anyway, so this is destined to shatter it. Not like you can just nip upstairs and discreetly grab a razor, you’ve got to keep one eye on your kid incase they decide to dive headfirst into the pool sans armbands.
Sam had laser hair removal done professionally in a salon a few years ago and although patches have grown back (hazard of having kids, your hormonal patterns shift and what fell out can annoyingly start to re-grow) she’s still fairly hair free in certain areas. So when Philips approached us about testing their new Lumea Prestige at-home IPL device, we thought we’d get Gemma to give it a go to see whether the results of an at-home machine could live up to the salon standard.
The promise:
When used every two weeks, for an eight week period, the Lumea Prestige has been shown to reduce hair regrowth up to 92%
The test: