It’s Mothers Day next week (like you didn’t know) and we’ve had so many emails asking if we’re putting together a Mothers Day gift guide. Hell no! We’re not ‘gift guide’ kind of girls; we hate reading them (we have never, ever bought anything from a ‘gift guide’) and we hate putting them together. Instead, we have decided to write open letters to our husbands, to drop some not too subtle hints about what we REALLY want for Mothers Day. Feel free to change the names and forward onto your husbands too, because we’re pretty sure that you’re also going to want this lot…

Hi Breegs!!
Just a little heads up in case you were planning on getting me a present for Mothers Day (and I think its customary to get me a little something from Belle also FYI…) I’m planning my Spring wardrobe (yes, there are more than 2 season in the year, therefore I need more than 2 wardrobe transitions) and here a few pieces that would slot in SO well.
THISbikini is the dream – perfect for my, ahem, deflated, boobs as the tie in the middle will pull them together and make them look a little more, umm, up there?! The EARRINGSwill go perfectly with my mum wardrobe (plus, Belle will love playing with them.) They are from the collection my mum designed so ask her for a cheeky discount, she won’t mind. The HERSHESONSvouchers will stop me moaning about my high maintenance hair, and you know how my new favourite thing is going to the hairdressers to drink hot tea and have some peace and quiet from the world.
I know you hate that Sam has got me into fancy beauty products – but if I had to cut down and only ever use two products then it would be this divine moisturiser by Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder. It makes my face glow in a way that I didn’t know existed. Plus this rose toner by Fresh. It smells of roses and is helping me to get that ‘dewy’ look that I’ve always craved.
I’m sorry that I’ve turned into a fancy bag girl – I just can’t help it. And cost per wear it works out much cheaper than my old ASOS addiction. This bag is from JW Anderson and is a great investment as I can pass it on to Belle one day 🙂 The last two items on my wishlist are practical so that might sway you to get me them (as a suprise gift obviously.) Trainersto wear everyday until it gets a little warmer, and SANDALSfor when I can brave it without socks. Oooh wait, that reminds me – I’ll then need a voucher for a pedicure so can we add that also please?!
Thanks so much in advance,
Your ever loving wife, Gem xo
P.S If you could also practise making the bed a little more often then that would be great….

Dear Nick,
Hiiii, its me! Just thought I’d drop you a little note to remind you that, yep Mothers Day is on the horizon. What do you mean you’d forgotten? Just because you’re jetting off on a stag to New York over Mothers Day doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I actually think that it means I deserve double the presents 🙂
I’ve tried to teach Leo how to say it so that he can help me drop hints but he hasn’t quite picked it up yet so I’ll just come out with it. Let’s start with the most important;the bag. You know that I’m so over big bags after lugging a changing bag around for the last two years so this pouch is the perfect size for my purse, phone, keys (and snacks for Leo), the perfect shape and the perfect SS17 colour. It’s from Hill & Friends and so reasonably priced, don’t cha think?! If it’s sold out by the time you read this then these tortoiseshell sunnies would be lovely. They are practical and a future classic so it’s a pretty wise investment.
You know that I live in my black suede Gazelles, but this colour recently caught my eye – something to jazz up my daily uniform of grey tee and jeans, plus they’re now on sale. Bargain. Speaking of bargains, I’ve just spotted this amazing top that when teamed with these (hello Chanel-lo lookalikes) mum-friendly heels will jazz up my jeans with no effort required.
Finally I would love, love, love it if you could remember to empty the washing machine instead of walking past it multiple times while it furiously beeps at you. Seeing as I spend most of my time doing a gazillion loads of washing, this fancy pants Le Labo washing detergentwould make a lovely gift, so at least it can be a bit of a chic operation. Oh, and these beautiful personalised notecards from Studio Sarah would be lovely so I can write lots of lovely thank you notes!
Thanks Babs,
Have fun in NYC!
Love Sam xx

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