What is it about the whole boob/bottle thing that makes people feel weird. Sam was at a dinner the other night with some new friends who were all laughing about how their boobs now resembled ‘spaniels ears’ post-breast feeding and she laughed along not feeling like she should admit that she gave up in tears during the first week and put Leo onto the bottle. On the other side of the fence, Gemma feels weird admitting to people that she’s still breastfeeding Belle at the age of one and that she’s not planning on stopping any time in the immediate future. Why do we all feel the feeding guilt?! Not anymore! We’re making a stand and embracing our decisions. The babies are happy and so are we.
We hope this little video about our experiences resonates with you. If you’re currently struggling with the whole breastfeeding thing, we hope it helps. If you decide to power through the pain, it DOES get better and if you give up, NOTHING BAD HAPPENS.
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