Isn’t it the hardest thing EVER to find the perfect presents for your friends and family?? We struggle so much – mainly with the husbands! Whereas we’re pretty easy to buy for, although people would probably think differently. We’d be quite happy with a ‘time out’ voucher which entitled us to an hour alone each week….
Anyway, we’ve been doing some research so have put together a selection of our ultimate favourite gifts for the upcoming festive season to give you a bit of a helping hand – in case you were stuck like us. Let us know how you get on via comments on Instagram
I’ve wanted to get Belle a kitchen for a while now but I had tough criteria when it came to the type of kitchen I wanted to get her: it needed to be modern looking so it didn’t look too ‘baby’ in my non ‘baby’ looking house, a neutral colour so I don’t need to get another one if my next child is a boy (I’m not pregnant, or colour-ist, I just like being super organised!!) and it had to have enough knobs and cupboards to keep her entertained for a while. I LOVE this, it’s exactly what I was looking for. It took a while to put it together as it comes in lots of parts but everything was labelled in a way that made it all so simple. Much easier than Ikea! My plan was to hide it until Christmas day but I got over-excited…oops.

Gemmas husband Jonny will be unwrapping….
When it comes to choosing presents for Jonny, it’s the hardest.thing.ever. He’s not interested in clothing, already has a fancy toolkit, owns too many pairs of football boots and has a nice selection of whisky and that’s all he wants in life. The only thing that I can ever guarantee that he will like is a massage. Preferably from a hot Swedish lady but beggars can’t be choosers now can they?? I’m planning on getting him a voucher forCowshed in Selfridges.It means that we can all go there one day, have a nice lunch together then he can go off for his massage and Belle & I can go try on shoes in Chanel. So everyone wins!!

Sams husband Nick will be unwrapping….
Nick is possibly the fussiest person I know. If I even try to buy clothes for him I know he’ll be first in the que to return it so I have to think outside of the box when it comes to buying presents for him. He decides to grow a full on ‘Christmas beard’ each year, much to my annoyance, using the excuse of having no work meetings so in his stocking he’ll have this

to make sure it stays soft and not prickly. He’ll also be unwrapping a voucher to design his own pair of Nike trainers, so he can pick his perfect style and customise it however he wants.

We used to default to buying baby clothes for our new mum friends – until we had babies ourselves and realised how annoying it was was to have to go through the process of returning things you didn’t like/didn’t fit whilst having a new born hanging off your boob.MumDaysis life changing. Every gift they sell is approve by an expert panel of mums (Hello! That’s us!) with prices from £30 up to £260 – so you can chip in with some friends and do a group gift for a knackered mum friend. Choose between vouchers for at-home beauty treatments (tried and tested by us), monthly flower deliveries (we LOVED this one, so lovely to be surprised with a beautiful bunch of flowers when you least expect it) plus vouchers for people to come to clean your house and a laundry delivery service – BEST.THING.EVER!! It all comes beautifully packaged and the best part is that each voucher has an 18 month redemption period, rather than the usual 30 days expiry date. Look out for our faces popping up on the sitehere🙂

This is the perfect Christmas gift for a mama or mama-to-be. We’re obsessed with pouches these days for holding all of our bits and bobs together in the huge caverns of our baby bags – or for keeping all the babies things together and then placing in our fancy mum bags. Erm, and this is Marc by Marc Jacobs for less than £60, yes please!

There are so many products out there that are supposed to be great for pregnant skin. The choice is so overwhelming so we’ve done the hard work. JUST GET THIS. Sam swore by these when she was pregnant and still uses them today. These award winning products will keep your skin hydrated, and the names of each product will make you LOL. ‘Boob Tube’ is our favourite!


GHD Styler: Every since we hosted our evening with GHD I’ve been desperate for a new pair of stylers. It was the first time that I actually learnt what I could do with my hair – they straighten and tong, heat up within seconds and come with a fancy travel case.


Babyliss Big Hair: As far as life-changing beauty investments go, this is worth it. For anyone who doesn’t have time to dedicate to their hair these days, a few swipes of this heated brush smooths out any frizz, adds body and loose curls. It’s a hairdresser in your hand and makes people think you had time to ACTUALLY BLOWDRY YOUR OWN HAIR. AS IF. And it’s under £35 which I think is pretty damn reasonable.

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