As it’s Mothers Day this weekend, we thought that we’d take the time to look back on our nearly two years (how the hell did that happen?!) as mama’s and share a few of our stand out memories. Because the one thing we’ve learnt since becoming mums is that we’re all in this together and we can all learn something from each other.
When starting out on this journey that we call Motherhood, it’s bloody daunting as you head into unknown territory with this teeny newborn baby that comes with no instruction manual. There are so many firsts and there can be so many decisions to make and challenges to face. It’s often easy to think, ‘I wish I had known that before’ and ‘I’ll definitely do something different next time.’ Well we are here to tell you that we’ve all been there, done that, and have the stained t-shirt to prove it! Here are a few moments that we went through that will help if you ever find yourself in a similar situation…
We’ve all been there. You do something really stupid that if it wan’t so funny it would have you in tears. You know, those face-palm moments that you actually can’t believe you did. But you did. And we did too. Case in point: when I was weaning Leo, I tried him with blueberries for the first time and he loved them. The next morning when I changed his Pampers nappy, his poo was black. Convinced he had internal bleeding, I whisked him to A&E. Half a day there, every test possible and they couldn’t find anything wrong. Eventually the doctor asked me if he’d tried anything new and I literally face-palmed. Awkward. Watch more about that moment here.
WHAT I LEARNT: Always call someone. If I had called my Mum instead of just panicking and whisking him to hospital she would probably have pointed out what had happened. But better to be safe than sorry.
When Belle was around 3 months old I was visiting a friend. I’d just left her house and Belle was asleep in the buggy. I started to walk to the bus stop and she was suddenly having a mini fit and shaking. I shouted her name, unwrapped her from the blanket, lifted her up and she came out of it. For some reason I was weirdly really calm throughout the process. So calm that I thought ‘Oh maybe I don’t need to go to A&E’ (total nutter!!) After calling my husband (and explaining that she had a fit but I was getting the bus home) he ordered me to go to A&E. I was probably in a bit of shock as I must have gotten a fright seeing her like that. They did every test possible and thought it must have been a febrile convulsion but she was absolutely fine. (A febrile convulsion is a fit that can happen when they have a fever – read more about it HERE)
WHAT I LEARNT: GO TO A&E!! As Sam said above, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. My gut told me that she was ok and I was trusting that… but it’s still so important to get them checked out after anything happens that is out of the ordinary.

-That we never appreciated our mums enough before we were mums.
-That as soon as you become a mum, you grow this invisible super power aka: the Mum Instinct. Trust it.
-We are stronger than we thought.
-That we never knew the true meaning of the word ‘tired’ before.
-We can survive on less sleep than we never knew was possible.
-That it’s important to make time for yourself. Self care is not selfish.
-You lose a bit of yourself but you gain a new side too. You are still you.
-All we can do is try our best.
-That no matter what, if you have a spare Pampers nappy and pack of wipes on you, life will be ok (and sometimes you will also need a change of clothes….)
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