Becoming a mum is a bit of a strange feeling. Obviously it’s a-mazing but it’s also a bit odd. You go from being somebody with an ‘out of the house’ job that you love, somebody who works long hours then goes out in the evenings, on a whim, with friends and does all sorts of cool things. OK, not necessarily cool things but you go from a person who does actual things to a person that doesn’t really do much. Well, that’s wrong. You are now a person that does loads but it’s all kind of invisible to everyone else. We digress.
One of the things we struggled with the most when we became mums was that people began to see us as, ‘just a mum.’ We felt like we had lost our identities. Suddenly we were sat at home with a baby and questioning ourselves; are we doing it right? Is he/she eating enough? Are they stimulated enough?! We used to have jobs where we knew what we were doing. People used to ask and value our opinions.
Yes, we’re mums and we’re proud but we’re also so much more.
Click below to listen to our thoughts on the, ‘just a mum’ subject and some of the things that helped us to start feeling more like ourselves again. Did you feel the same? We’d love to know… Get in touch with us via email or on Instagram.