We want you guys to get to know us better so we thought we’d film some vlogs to fill you in a little on our back stories. One night last week, we put the babies to bed and Gemma came over to Sam’s where we realised that if we’re going to do this then there’s no point editing this stuff, we’re going to be real and we’re going to be honest. So sorry for any babbling and ‘erm-ing.’ Oh and expect lots of hair fidgeting!
We both had really different experiences when it came to pregnancy (Gemma suffered big time while Sam sailed through it – sorry!) and when it came to those first few post-birth weeks Sam struggled to breast feed and felt really unsupported so eventually gave up in order to make sure Leo was putting on weight while Gemma went through hell but persevered and still feeds Belle in the mornings and evenings (mainly because she really loves doing it but also because she has to be in a bikini in 6 weeks and breast feeding is a great way to make you feel a little but OK in a bikini after giving birth!)
We hope that you like this video and that you can relate to some of the things we’re saying. If you do, there may be some more! Watch this space. We love feedback so please get in touch via @ThisIsMothership or hello@thisismothership.com and let us know your stories.
Thanks for watching xoxo