Whether you believe in them (just putting it out there, we do) or you think it’s a load of crap and your baby is the best gift of all (very true, but we also like presents that don’t come covered in gunk) the choice is yours. For those of you expecting soon – or those of you who just like internet shopping – here are a few things that we think would make nice ‘thanks for having my baby gifts’ if we were pregnant (we aren’t) but if our insta-husbands are reading this, here’s a bit of Christmas gift inspo. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.
P.S Don’t worry, push presents aren’t only for those of you who actually push the baby out… anyone who carries something the size of a large watermelon in their stomach for 9 months, then goes through the trauma of labour and then birth and then has to bring up a small human being for 18 + years deserves a lifetime supply of Chanel #JustSaying.

There is something really lovely about putting pen to paper rather than jotting it in your phone. Gemma kept a notepad from when Belle was born which is full of memories and first moments so she can look back on it in years to come. It also helps with the old #BabyBrain…
You will do an unbelievable amount of walking when you have a baby, so you might as well do it all in really pretty, comfortable shoes. These Charlotte Olympia kitty flats will never go out of fashion.
We’ve become huge fans of the ‘across the body’ bag. Perfect for holding only your essentials when you are baby free, but also fairly useful when you are lugging your changing bag and want to keep your phone/keys/credit card handy so it’s not a huge faff every time you need them. A handbag like this will last forever and go with every outfit. Sam has it in red but black is a staple. Hello investment piece!
It’s important (LOL, really important!) to have fancy jewellery that only comes out on special occasions and makes you feel fabulous. These beautiful gold Chanel earrings from Susan Caplan Vintage will do just that.
5. Monica Vinader ring at Net A Porter
Strangely enough, as we hadn’t even met at the time, we were both lucky enough to be given a band similar to this one after the birth of our babies. We love the simplicity of this, and will treasure it forever.
Nothing beats walking into a home that smells of delicious Diptyque. Whilst you won’t feel yourself for a while it’s worth splurging/ being treated to this candle set as the smell will always make you feel a million times better.
Luggage is one of Gemma’s favourite things. She owns far too many suitcase and holdalls but they actually all get loads of use. It’s something worth investing in as it’s nice to have special luggage that will last you a lifetime. And perfect for your first weekend away sans baby!
You will mooch at home for ages when you first have you baby. If there is something worth splashing out on when you have a baby it’s fancy slippers. Nothing beats putting your feet into these as it feels like you are actually walking on clouds.

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