I don’t know about you but we never fully appreciated our mums until we became mums ourselves and then we suddenly got it. Suddenly there is this tiny person that you would do anything for, that you would forgive everything and that you never want to let out of your sight. God help us when they turn 18 (waaaah, we’re not thinking that far ahead yet!)
With that in mind, we thought that now was the perfect time to say THANK YOU to our mums, the most amazing, selfless and inspiring women we know. They’re the ones that showed us how to cut our babies nails when we were hysterically crying because we were so scared of hurting them. They taught us that the little blue line on Pampers nappies means that it’s time for a new one and that actually you can be a mum and be yourself too. So, because we’re pretty crap at saying it to them on a daily basis we embarrassed them and did this…..