We got excited when the weather took a turn for the worse because it meant that we could take a shopping trip for the babes to get some new fancy outerwear.
Here are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to choosing a winter coats for your babe:
-Sounds obvious but make sure that there is room for growth to ensure that they’ll last a while. With the British weather it could be coat weather for a good seven months!
-It’s ok to spend a bit more on coats and jackets for the little ones as they don’t tend to get as ruined as the rest of their clothes do what with all the spilt food etc etc.
-But if you are buying something more expensive then go for a unisex style/colour so that you can save it for your next kid 🙂
Below is a round up of our favourites. Belle is so into this North West-esquecoat and Leo is loving the camo print on this warm jacket.Happy shopping mamas!

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