Being a working mum is hard. Scratch that, being any kind of mum is hard. Over Christmas (geez, how long ago does that feel!) we received an email from one of your lovely readers that made us cry. It was from a fellow mum who was struggling to handle going back to work teamed with a new long commute and barely making it home for bath time but that she read one of our searingly honest posts (this one where the nice lady helped Sam home from nursery) and she said it made her feel better to know that she wasn’t the only person in the world going through this.
Doing your job as well as you did it pre-baby is HARD, especially when you’ve been up since 5.56am – and the looks that you get when you race out of the door at the end of the day as if you’re slacking ( when y’know, it’s just to battle against time and public transport to pick up your kid) are really disheartening. BUT please keep in mind that becoming a mum isn’t the full stop on the end of your CV. Mama’s are brilliant multitaskers and they get shit done. Sam was promoted to Beauty Director at Stylist Magazine four months after she went back to work and Gemma has worked on some of the biggest campaigns of her career now she simplifies and is more strategic with what work she can do. If you are struggling, talk to your line manager. As long as you are still putting in as much enthusiasm, effort and energy as you did before, there’s no reason why it can’t work. It’s not easy but with a few adjustments, you can sorta/almost/on rare days nail it all!
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