You have a moisturiser, right? I mean, I hope you have a moisturiser (please say you do) because if not, what are you putting on your face in the day?! But do you also have a specific night formula? Fingers crossed you do but if not, here’s why you need to invest.

Research by Estée Lauder and Cleveland University Hospital – presented at the International Investigative Dermatology meeting in 2013 – concluded that inadequate sleep increased the signs of ageing. The study found that women who regularly got less than five hours’ sleep had twice the lines and wrinkles, suffered from more dehydration and were more vulnerable to UV damage (ie pigmentation) compared to those who enjoyed seven hours or more….I mean, sh*it. That’s all of us mums, right?! So while you’re up all night with your babe, you need a really clever skincare formula that can tackle all of this for you. Your day cream just won’t cut it.
In the day….
…you need a moisturiser that will protect your skin from UV damage (yes, even in winter). It must also act as an invisible shield – pollution, daily grime and dirt cling to your face everywhere you turn, from the second you leave your house your skin is under attack.
Day specific moisturisers are therefore designed to protect your skin from all of this from happening.
Whereas at night…
…you need to repair your skin. While we sleep, growth factor hormones start to repair cell damage that happened during the day, peaking during the deepest first two hours of sleep and continuing throughout the night. When you’re surviving on four hours’ sleep, your skin just doesn’t have enough time to repair itself. Also, the shock from being jolted away by a screaming baby triggers high spikes in cortisol, the stress hormone, leading to puffiness, inflammation and collagen breakdown, which means skin stops being as firm and plump as it was pre-baby. Ugh.
This is why for us mums, it’s so important that our night time moisturiser works double-duty overnight.
Supercharge those night time hours with:

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